Wyss Academy for Nature

Titleimage: Wyss Academy for Nature

This web page is only temporary. We are currently in the development phase of a devoted Wyss Academy for Nature website, which will appear in a new design reflecting the official, public presence of the organization in September 2020. Until then, you can find all information about the institution and the project on this provisional web page.

With the Wyss Academy for Nature, a globally leading research and implementation center in the field of nature and people is being set up at the University of Bern. This pioneering research centre will create innovation by bringing together leading research experts to co-produce concrete applications, strategies, and policies with multiple stakeholders from society, conservation, policy, and business at local, regional, and global levels. Rapid biodiversity losses, accelerated climate change, and a growing demand for land resources, demand wise, inclusive, and forward-looking decision-making that recognizes the needs of all living beings and respects the finiteness of resources. Focusing on interlinkages between land use, climate, and biodiversity and taking into account socio-economic dynamics, the Wyss Academy for Nature will harness social, technical, and governance innovations to explore visionary approaches to reconciling conservation with local development.